Operating from a Home Show Room….

So it has been almost an entire year that we have been operating from a home showroom…

Last October, we made the difficult decision to move from our downtown location and operate from a home showroom.  It has been a good decision and has worked out well for our family!  Managing two littles is our top priority! We know and understand that it has created some pros and cons for our customers.  We really appreciate all of our local business and want to thank each and every one of you for your patience during this long transition.  We also appreciate our customers all across America that connect via our website.

We do local pick-ups/deliveries, ship packages of course and offer showroom appointments.  We value the appointments and appreciate the one on one time with our customers.  Please continue to let us know if we can assist you?  You can email MamaT@expressyourselfmama.com, send us a Facebook message or post, or even leave us a message on our store line at 815-517-1783.

GMA D is in Southwest Michigan and is available for diaper rentals, trials, parties and consults.  She also has a selection of mama and baby support items as well (swaddles, amber teething necklaces, mommy necklaces, diapers, swim diapers, detergent, liners, wet bags and more.  (more information to come regarding this new expansion)

We will be refreshing our product mix and are welcome to your feedback and suggestions.  We are especially looking for one or two additional diaper lines to carry.   We will also be putting a big focus on our blog with weekly posts that highlight our offerings and interests.

On a personal note…several big milestones for our family.  Littles are no longer tots but kids.  We are a diaper free house (excluding the showroom of course)! We still littlewear quite a bit using our Action Baby Carrier…but wheels are appreciated…because even pushing or pulling a combined 80 pounds can be quite a work out!

Please friend our blog and watch for our blog/facebook updates.  We will announce special showroom and shipping sales throughout SEPTEMBER!

Have you visited our showroom yet?  Please let us know if you need anything!

Mama T


Labor Day Weekend Sale and Freebies!!!


Check out our huge sale section!


What’s on sale for labor day, you ask? Kawaii pockets, amber teething necklaces, sunscreen, mommy necklaces, swaddles, CJ’s, Ruby Moon, all trainers, teething bling and so much more.


Spend $25…get a sample of Ecosprout bottom balm (great chapstick too)

Spend $50…get the balm + a buncha farmers stain stick

Spend $75…get the balm + a stick + an ecosprout detergent sample

Spend $100…get the balm + a stick + a detergent sample + a free pocket diaper!

Just enter freebies in the discount coupon section at checkout!

Yes….We are moving!

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Express Yourself Mama is moving at the end of this month. We will be leaving our downtown Dekalb location and moving into a home showroom. Yes this does mean lots of changes for our local customers as we will no longer have regular hours from a retail perspective.

Moving forward, we will be focusing solely on cloth diapers and baby carriers. We will continue to serve customers using our website. We will also be hosting monthly cloth diaper 101 classes locally and we will continue to host cloth diaper parties locally as well. We will add local one-on-one cloth consults and local deliveries.

Without going into all the considerations, this was a very difficult decision for us. We want to thank all of our loyal local customers for their business over the last 2 years, and we hope to continue to service you in the future. We will also continue to explore other unique opportunities to service our local customers.

Starting in November, you can call, email or utilize our Facebook page to let us know when you need something. Please let us know if you have any questions as we start this new journey.

Halloween Picture Contest!!!

Can’t believe October is here! And Halloween is fast approaching!

There are a couple of great events going on in October! 

First, we are having a cloth 101 class on Saturday, October 22 at 10AM at the boutique!  Make sure you RSVP on the Facebook event page or by emailing MamaT@expressyourselfmama.com.  Come and learn all about modern cloth diapering and bring a friend or two along with you for the fun!!!

Second, make sure and save the date for the Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Spooktacular in Downtown Dekalb!  Bring your littles dressed in costumes for trick-or-treating downtown through many of the local businesses and shops!  Make sure you stop into Express Yourself Mama and enter our raffle and grab a treat! 

Let’s also have some fun with a Halloween picture contest!!!

Express the Halloween spirit!   Email me at mamaT@expressyourselfmama.com with your Halloween pictures.  I will not inhibit your creativity with a lot of rules. The picture needs to be Halloween related.  It can be a picture of your little one in costume, halloween diaper, your diaper stash depicting Halloween or whatever else you can come up with!  Please do not post the pictures to the boutique’s Facebook page as I will create a Halloween pictures album and upload them myself so that they are all in one spot. The pictures must be emailed to me to be entered.

You will have until Friday, October 21, at midnight to email me your picture. Please only ONE entry per person. Voting will begin on Saturday, October 22 and the picture with the most “likes” will be determined on Sunday, October 31 at 3PM and the winner will get a $20 gift certificate to Express Yourself.

Have fun with the pictures!  I look forward to seeing them all!!  Make sure and keep expressing the love and tell your friends about our Facebook page and this Halloween Picture Contest.  The next giveaway will be announced when we reach 1,111 Facebook Friends!!!  Hoping we can do it by Halloween!!!

Mommy Necklace Nourish Giveaway for 1000 Celebration

To continue the celebration for passing the 1000 Facebook friends milestone, we are posting another giveaway as promised!  It is for another EY Mama favorite….a Mommy Necklace!  Not just any Mommy Necklace….but a brand new one!  Introducing the Nourish Necklace.  It is the new nursing necklace replacing the popular Simply Snazzy!  The colors are fabulous!  These are currently on their way to the boutique and will be stocked as soon as they arrive!  Don’t forget to check out the Mommy Necklaces we do have in stock, and they are currently on sale!

Nourish Necklace by Mommy Necklaces
for feeding time fiddlers
Inspired by nursing babies.  Unique eye-catching and hand-catching design.  An appealing necklace for those babies who love to fiddle and twiddle. Little black dress worthy? Probably not.  A must-have accessory for an innocently pinched mom? YES!
The Nourish Necklace is a wearable sensory experience that brightens up nursing time by engaging a twiddling baby.  Stranded at approximately 33″ inches long, the Nourish Necklace is known as THE nursing necklace among breastfeeding moms.  This bold and shimmering design will capture baby’s attention, thus reducing distractibility and encouraging a nursing session that lasts longer than the classic 1-minute-on, 1-minute-off breastfeeding battle.  We’ve been there; we totally understand.  
The Nourish Necklace is artfully stranded.  This necklace’s unique beads feature shimmer colors, smooth textures, and large shapes that are stranded to interest little fingers while the mouth is busy feeding (this necklace is not for teething).  Fun for babies, a relief for mom, Nourish is a nursing must-have.  As much fun as Nourish is, though, remember that it is still a piece of jewelry: Please do not use it as a toy or allow a child to wear it.  The Nourish Necklace is a unique necklace designed to be worn by mom as a tool while nursing. 
Make feeding time a little more nourishing with this one-of-a-kind nursing necklace — you’ll be glad you did!

There are several ways to enter this giveaway!  Please note that you must be an Express Yourself Mama Facebook Fan to win!!

Ways to Enter!

  1. Leave a blog comment where you share your favorite Mommy Necklace or the one that you would most like to be your first!  Also tell us what you like most about it if you already have one?
  2. Spread the word regarding this giveaway by posting a Facebook or Blog post and then leaving a comment here on the blog with a link or proof telling so
  3. Get one of your friends to like our facebook page posting a comment that you sent them…making sure that you leave a blog comment telling us so!

Giveaway is up and open through midnight Sunday, October 9 and the winner will be announced on Monday!  So let the FUN begin and make sure and EXPRESS the fun for more chances to win!!!  Don’t forget that all weekend current customers can earn double points on all purchases and new customers earn triple points!  Also, there are a few more hours to take advantage of the FRIDAY incentive.  We are preparing to ship the very first diaper early next week for the NEW EY Mama Diaper of the Month Club! TODAY is a great day to join. Prepay for 3 Months on Friday and you will receive a free Sweet Pea Diapers one size diaper cover with your October diaper! Prepay for 6 months on Friday and you will receive a free Sweet Pea one size pocket diaper with your October diaper! 

Stay tuned as the 1000 celebration to continue…more incentives to be announced!

CJ’s BUTTer Carcass Cleaner and Lotion Giveaway and Freebie Offer!!!

Yes, as promised we are announcing a giveaway for hitting 950 Facebook Friends!  Hope you enjoy this one as it is an EY Mama favorite!  A big THANK YOU to all of our customers and friends.  We really appreciate your business and support!  Keep EXPRESSING the love!

Yes, We do love all of the CJ’s All Natural Products!  So much that it is really really difficult to pick one favorite CJ’s product.   But if forced to pick one, Mama T would pick the CJ’s Carcass Cleaner…a CJ’s multitasker….a body wash and wipe solution all in one.  And you can not go wrong combining the carcass cleaner with CJ’s matching creamy body lotion! 

All of us love this stuff.  Mama loves pink sugar, Daddy loves Green Irish Tweed, and the little ones like to change it up!  Loving My Pixie Pie on the kids right now….they smell so good that you just want to eat them up!  GMa D loves Orange Vanilla and GPa really likes Coconut Lime Dream!

Of course CJ’s BUTTer is their popular all-natural cloth friendly alternative to the diaper ointment!  And they also have deordorant, cleaning products, lip balm, wool wash and woolie revitalizer!  And best of all it all comes in tons of fun scents!  You can not go wrong with CJ’s.  You are guaranteed to love it!  It gets sooo many great reviews!  It is good for eczema, rashes, chapped and dry skin!  Check out all of the great CJ’s products on our website!

So this giveway is for a bottle of CJ’s BUTTer Carcass Cleaner and a bottle of CJ’s Creamy Body Lotion both in the most popular scent of Monkey Farts!  Through Sunday you can also get a CJ’s sample with every order!  And one order a day will include an extra CJ’s freebie!  Make sure you enter CJ’s sample in the special requests section during checkout!

There are several ways to enter this giveaway!  Please note that you must be an Express Yourself Mama Facebook Fan to win!!

Ways to Enter!

  1. Leave a blog comment where you share your favorite CJ’s scent or the one that you would most like to try
  2. Leave a blog comment about your favorite bath time routine!
  3. Spread the word regarding these giveaways by posting a Facebook or Blog post and then leaving a comment here on the blog with a link or proof telling so
  4. Get one of your friends to like our facebook page posting a comment that you sent them…making sure that you leave a blog comment telling us so!

Giveaway is up and open through midnight Tuesday, October 4 and winners will be announced on Wednesday!  So let the FUN begin and make sure and EXPRESS the fun for more chances to win!!!  A special sale and giveaway will be announced when we hit the exciting 1000 Friends milestone!


Yes, tonight I am remininscing about my breastfeeding journey.  A journey that spans two dear little ones, a journey with many highs and lows along the way, its very painful struggles and yet its very joyous triumphs.

Thinking back to the begining after I decided to exclusively pump for my dear son…the time when I was pumping 10+ times a day and getting used to a brand new baby…., I never thought I would learn to love my pump and eventually be sad to telll it goodbye when my big little transitioned to soy milk. I had over my 10 month journey come a long way, and grew a very fond appreciation for my pump. It had allowed me to provide precious liquid gold to my baby boy.  

This time, the path although bumpy especially at the beginning was easier to follow.  And yet funny, I have to admit that I found myself clinging to the familiar afraid to sway too far from my comfort zone of pumping.

Of course I am hesitant to say that nursing is better than pumping, but I will say it is very different.  I will also say that nursing is easier in the long run.  And by no means did I ever nurse exclusively as I work full time and definitely had to rely on my pump when apart from my dear little one. 

I hope it is evident that mama milk is important to me…and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to provide the very best liquid gold for my little ones no matter the way.  I appreciate that it is the natural way to feed a baby even though I had to utilize a machine to make it work for us!  I also firmly believe it is one of the most valueable gifts you can give your baby!  Its benefits are proven and more reasons to breastfeed are uncovered each year!  It is also beneficial for Mama and Mother Earth too!  I also feel that it is a sacrifice, whether it comes easy or not so easy for mama and baby…it is a huge commitment (of both time and effort) especially at the beginning! 

Ok now that all that is said, let me get off my soap box and just reminisce.  Reminisce that the good far outweighed the bad and the good times far exceeded the hard ones!  Reminisce that I was able to come off my birth high and immediately nurse my baby girl this time!  Reminisce the special time I was able to share with my sweet girl over the many hours of nursing her the last 16 months!  Reminisce the magic comfort nursing provided her when she was sick, hurt, tired or teething.  Reminisce the sweet milk smiles and the laughter shared. 

Yes this time was very different!  My sweet baby was a ninny baby.  I did not have to set my alarm clock at night to remind me to pump because I was lucky enough to have a baby that wanted to eat throughout the night.  I did not worry as much about losing my milk supply but at the same time I never had more than a day’s worth of milk in my fridge and never had to make space for milk in the freezer whereas in my eping days I was so diligent about never missing a pumping session that we always had an abundant supply of milk waiting in the fridge.  Of course I pumped enough milk for her while I was working, but she really only ever needed a couple bottles a day while we were apart.  I spent many of my lunch hours nursing instead of pumping!  I didn’t have to clean as many bottles.  I never had to pump while driving although I admit that I did nurse her once or twice in the backseat while she was strapped in her carseat…proba bly not the safest but the memory brings a smile thinking about the twisted ackward position I was in :)   And while last time I was really sad to hang up my pumping horns.  This time, when she turned a year…I was super excited to leave those behind!  This time I find myself attached to my nursing cover.  My Mom of course made it for me making it extra special, it is super cute having little birdies on it,  but it is also a huge symbol of our accomplishment!  And as we pass over this bittersweet milestone of weaning at 16 months, I can’t bring myself to pack it away or worse yet sell it used as my mom  recently suggested.  

And of course this all means that my baby is growing up and really isn’t a baby anymore which is bittersweet in itself!  But tonight…I am just reminiscing…I can not believe that it has been 16 months since I first nursed my sweet girl and just over a month short of 3 years since I welcomed my firstborn and this entire jorney began.  Life is full of milestones…and it is important to take some time every once and awhile and just reminisce.

Super Sunday starts Saturday Night!!!

Super Sunday Promo starts now! Get a free pair of Baby Legs if you spend $40 dollars and a free one size diaper if you spend $60! Get both a free one size diaper and Baby Legs if you spend $100!!! Just enter boy sunday or girl sunday in the comments section during checkout! This great deal is good while supplies last and ends Sunday at Midnight! Don’t forget about the bumGenius Buy 5 Get 1 Free and the FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers Buy 6 Get 2 Mystery Print promotions! These deals make them even better!

FREE GroVia Wetbag!!! One random wet bag each day will be stuffed with extra goodies! :)

Wet bags are a necessity when you have a wee one!  A must have for cloth diapering mamas.  Also good for  wet clothes, swim suits, dirty clothes or even anything messy in your diaper bag!    How about a free one??? Get a free GroVia wet bag with any $30 purchase!  Just input girl bag or boy bag in the comments section at checkout.  It’s that easy.  This promotion runs while supplies last through September 7 at midnight.  Get your wet bag today! And as an added bonus…one random customer each day will get their free wet bag stuffed with goodies!  This is an online promotion, but you can also use the coupon code LOCAL to request local pick up!

EY Mama Snack Attack Back to School Special!!

Planet Wise Snack Bags are great.  Perfect for a sandwich, snacks, fruit or leftovers.  Even perfect for a wet wash cloth!  Everyone needs one!  And Express Yourself Mama is running the EY Mama Snack Attack Back to School Special.  Get a free Planet Wise Window Snack bag with any $50 purchase!  Just input girl snack or boy snack in the comments section at checkout.  It’s that easy.  This promotion runs while supplies last through August 31 at midnight.  Get your free snack bag today!    

Make sure and check out our other current specials.

Tell us what you have had to do to get ready for back to school this year!